So today I thought I would do something a bit different on my write up.  While I have several other things going on I will post on those later.  Back when I was contracting one of the things I enjoyed is vendor loyalty or subcontractor loyalty.  I had the same subcontractors for 10 years.  Now I may not be contracting anymore but this still holds true in whatever I do.  I enjoying having the same relationship with vendors or businesses year to year and I am much less apt to change vendors than most businesses or people are today.

Seems 90% of people are out today to find the cheapest place to buy something that they can, throw out quality, throw out convenience and even on occasion who cares about customer service, its all about price.  Today’s outlook on stuff is how much can i get for the cheapest price possible, all you can eat buffet’s of everything.

In business as well as personal life I find long term relationships to be more productive.  Sure I can go over there and save a buck, but I have been using this company for X amount of years and I pay a little more, but I have a relationship with them and its good.  No I am not talking about brand loyalty – Pepsi vs. Coke, Intel vs. AMD, AT&T vs. Verizon.  I am referring to the ability to build a long term relationship with a business or vendor that’s beneficial to both.

That being said, I also feel that if prices go up without cause, or you get treated unfairly, you have to speak up.  If you have a good reason I will stick by you, if your just jacking up the price for no reason I gotta say, loyalties will be stretched thin.  I have had vendors bend over backwards when they didn’t need to in order to help me.  I prefer buying or trading local and small business than from a chain.  There are exceptions to the rule though as always

Here are some of the folks I use:
Cowboy BBQ – Hay and BBQ Sauce – Live Oak, CA
McMurray Hatcheries – Chicks when needed – Webster CIty, Iowa – I know not very local, but I do hatch my own chicks
BlueRay Concepts – The hosting of this site – Yuba City, CA
Succeed.Net – My broadband internet connection

I will be adding to this list as time goes on.  This my small way of saying thanks to those who support me by doing a small link back to them as some free advertising.