Yep.  It’s that time of the year again.  Time to start prepping for the spring time.  Been getting a few things done here an there.

Got the calves separated so they can be weened.
Garden has been planted for the most part.  Got Asparagus, garlic, Okra, Swiss Chard, Squash and cucumber planted in the beds.  Tomatoes, and some Rosemary, Sage, Parsley, Basil all started in the house.
Chicken coup is now electrified, hopefully that will help keep the predators out.
New chicks are now 8 weeks old and have been integrated into the flock.  Should be an interesting week for pecking order status.
Sprayed the poison oak around the house.

Been looking at the possibility of changing the chicken feed over to a non soy based feed.  This would be more seeds and grain.  The issue is it isn’t cheap.  A bag of soy based feed costs $16 a 50lbs bag.  Organic based feed will run $20 – $30.  This would be good for us and the chickens, but would also up the cost of eggs from $2.50 to probably $3.50 for  a dozen.  Once the new chickens start laying this may not be an issue as it would mean more income.

Bought two orange trees this weekend.  Blood orange which ripens January through April and Valencia which ripens June through October.  It’s a little cold up here but I thought I would give them a shot.  Be nice to have some oranges, I love fresh oranges.