Just ordered our plants for this spring.  I am mostly writing this post for my information and reminder.  I could have kept these notes offline, but then you all (the few following this) would miss out on my brain workings.  Wouldn’t want that now would we.

So I will note what I am planting, when I will start it,  When to transplant.  I will also be actually starting these indoors in starter pots this year which I have never done before.  Hopefully I will get a better grow this year.

Indoor Start Transplant Direct ground
Black Cherry Tomato Feb-mar Apr/Jun
Heirloom Beefsteak Tomato Feb-mar Apr/Jun
Clemson Spineless Orka Apr -Aug
Bright Lights Swiss Chard Feb -Sep
Zuccini Apr – Aug
Summer Squash Apr – Aug
Straight Eight Cucumber Apr – Aug
Herbs Because she wants them
Greek Basil Feb-mar Apr/Jun
Spearmint Mint Feb-mar Apr/Jun
Rosemary Feb-mar Apr/Jun
Common Sage Feb-mar Apr/Jun
Extra Curled Parsley Feb-mar Apr/Jun