So what a week.  I will be blunt, we lost the entire batch of chicks.  Gone! Gone! Gone!  In talking to the hatchery they suspect that they got to much of a draft on the trip from the hatchery.  I suspect they are correct and then they just couldn’t stay warm from then on in the coup.  I had two heat lamps in the coup but just couldn’t keep them alive.  It was disaster from the start.

But good new to be had.  Even without asking McMurray Hatchery replaced the entire batch for free.  We received them this morning all in good condition and they are much more active than the last group.  I do on this occasion have them in the house as a precaution.  They are much more active, they are eating and drinking (which I couldn’t get the last group to do at all).

So heres a new video of the new chicks in their new home in our home, in a kiddy pool.

[youtube id=”gGfLZPGSfF0″]