So instead of pounding posts, i built a couple small beds into stage one area.  I need to get these up and running as I need to start the planting for the fall/winter stuff.  I initially wont have a lot of room so there wont be much but anything at this point is better than nothing.  Since I am using blocks on the beds, it makes it easier later down the road if I feel I need to change the size or layout.

Next weekend though I will definitely need to get the fencing going as Bandit, one of our property dogs loves to lay in the moist soil when it is hot.  So at the very least I will have to have stage one fencing completed before I plant.  I may make it out there today to drive some posts we will see.

I am thinking that I will put Cauliflower, Swiss Chard, Broccoli, some lettuce’s and some Pak Choy (Chinese Cabbage).  I need to have these in the ground in the next two weeks.  Guess I will see if that gets accomplished.

I have the chicken coop bedding as a base and then will put soil on top to finish it out.  As you can see I still need the soil.  I will possibly be picking this up from work this week if I can get my truck cleaned out.  I will also be picking up some more drip irrigation stuff this week as well as what I am using now is left over and remnants.