So hasn’t been alot going on work wise the couple weeks.  More personal stuff taking up my time lately.  Working on getting another business going in the apparel printing side of things so getting the online shop setup  Just trying to get products setup up and pricing has been a chore.  I am also trying to get some house projects completed before winter, I will be ripping up the laundry room this week to repair the floor that has water damage.

Anyway, have a few things accomplished.  Been picking up little dirt in small loads from the office.  I have enough to fill about 3 or 4 small beds.  I have the seeds ordered for the fall/winter plants and will be planting them when they come in.  I also have some water piping and electrical to get finished which will allow me to get the timers working properly for watering.  I picked up a little bit o new drip system as all I had left was old misc parts from about 6 years ago.  I will be getting this setup as well as the electrical and getting everything back on my good rain bird timers.  I bought a cheap battery operated timer that has not worked properly.

Chickens have been dropping 5 – 6 eggs a day now, so I’m happy to be able to get some money coming in for their feed.  Dozen eggs are $2.  So about have the cost of the organic store bought eggs that aren’t really organic.  I will probably raise the price to $2.50 in the next few months.  But i don’t like change so I have been hesitant to do .50.

My tomatoes are doing really well considering the watering timer keep not watering them.  Cherries, black krim and romano.  Cherries tomatoes are my favorite they have the most flavor.  After replanting the okra about 5 times due to chickens, dogs etc, they are finally starting to get to maturity, hoping in the next couple weeks to get some okra off them.  I still need to get the fencing started but the ground is so hard right now you couldn’t pound a post more than a couple inches into the ground.

We have been trying to get some of the younger heifers moved and to the vet for the 1 year shot, but timing and other things have kept this from happening.  Hopefully next week we will get that done.

Well I think that’s about it, I just wanted to get in a quick run down on what has been happening.  Not much.