I mentioned earlier that I have some ideas of where i want to go with this project.  I guess I should spell them out here so remember them for later.  This whole site is more of a public journal of what I am doing.  Lets hope I can keep on track.

Goal number one – Grow things.

Sounds easy enough right.  I have some experience in this arena.  As a kid we had a huge garden that I would sell the veggies from which paid for my first computer, a Commodore 64.  So growing things is what I grew up doing.  You would think armed with this knowledge I would have no issues.  That has definitely not been the case.

Goal number two (2018) – Grow it well enough to save on groceries

Over the years as an adult this has not always been viable.  We have moved several time and not been able to get steady enough production to accomplish this.  This is about to change.  2017 was decent enough.  Tons of tomatoes and okra but the rest didn’t do well enough.  We didn’t move into our place until June so it was late to early July when everything was planted.  I wasn’t expecting a bumper crop.  My expectations were met.

Goal number 3 (2018?)– Produce a sell-able quantity

This would require that I not only produce enough for myself but have enough left over to sell like I did as a kid.  I really want another C64. jk  We love farmers markets.  I would love to eventually have a setup where folks could come and get freshly picked produce right from here.

Goal number 4 (2019) – Produce year round

This is the tricky one.  Winters can be cold here so this would require winter hardy plants or buying green houses, low hoops etc.  Needless to say it takes money which I don’t wanna spend.  This goal may take a while.  I tried it a bit this year but garlic is the only thing that has survived thus far.

Goal number 5 (2019 and beyond) – Back to livestock

At some point when we can afford it we plan on buying some additional land.  I have done cattle, some pigs and tons of chickens (meat and egg) in the past.  I am thinking we will go back to cattle and chickens (chicks are coming in April) but maybe do some sheep.  We love lamb.  Them little things are cute and yummy

Goal 1 is pretty self explanatory.  The rest is where we will begin.  I will spell out my thoughts and processes as I go along and hopefully have more successes than failures.