This year I decided to do more about gardening than just throwing some seeds in the ground and hoping for the best.  I have invested a bit of cash and am starting my garden in January.  January!? Yep thats right, right smack dab in the middle of the cold season.  Typically I will get out and till up the ground in late March and start planting sometime after that.  What comes up, well, comes up.

However after doing a ton of research I have decided to start indoors, in the basement and under some stricter guidelines.  Starting small, I bought the following:

  1. 2 LED grow lights
  2. 10 20 x10 growing trays
  3. 10 8 inch domes
  4. 120 6 cell seed trays six plant growing boxes
  5. 100 peat pots

At my wifes request I have moved the worm bin to the basement.  Worms? you might ask.  Yes I bought a worm tower and started vermicomposting in my front room.  Not smelly or messy to my suprise.  I feed the worms every so often uncooked veggie scraps.  I pulled my first batch of worm castings a couple weeks ago and dried them out for storage.


The bin, all my seeds and supplies are in one area in the basement where it stays an even temperature.

I began my first seeds january 15th.  I am sticking to a specific schedule that i made and will be adding successive seeds every couple weeks.  Starting with onions I am planting 12 every two weeks or so to have a regular supply throughout the growing season.

I did however get a little bored and planted a second set of onions and some herbs last weekend.  The first set of onions have sprouted and I now have 11 onion tops about 1 inch long sitting uder my lights.


We have baby chicks on the way but I will save that for another time.  Needless to say its taken a couple years after moving to Kentucky to back into our small farm but we are on our way.  I have many ideas and goals and will be restructuring this site to match.