So received our first batch of babies for 2013 today.  Nice cold morning to be playing outside with the chicks.  Picked them up from the post office and brought then to their new home.  On initial counting we have 26 alive and 1 dead on arrival.  It does happen sometimes but this is the first time we have lost one in shipping.  McMurray is always good about sending an extra one, not sure if that is purposefully or not but it is a welcome service.

The little black one you see is of unknown breed at this time.  Part of McMurray’s order is a rare breed they send out for free.  The last rare breed we got with the meat birds was an Americauna.  The rest of this batch are all Buff Orpingtons which is what I have been ordering, these are the large Golden birds you have seen in my pics.

We will be sharing these with my brother in law and will be giving him 10.  So in about the end of May these should be laying or at least started to lay.

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