So not alot going on this week.  Mostly just continuing on with projects started last week and doing some adjustments.

In the garden I got another load of dirt and filled another bed.  Got two rows butter-crunch lettuce and 1 row cabbage planted and dripped for water.  I will be picking up at least one more load of dirt this week and maybe two if I feel like it.  I don’t have anymore beds done so the dirt will just get piled and then wheelbarrow-ed to wherever.  Did some clean up inside the garden and redid the fence to its more permanent position and expanded it down so that all of stage one is now fenced.  I will now just need to go back and put posts in.  I found Rilee trying to dig in areas I didn’t want holes so since he was so energetic about digging, I showed him several places that I had marked for the Gogi Berries and he’s been picking away at that.  The pick is bigger than he is, its funny watching him swing that thing.

I also redid the drip for the okra and tomatoes, instead of having mini soakers i put dedicated 1/2 gallon per hour drips per plant.  For some reason the soakers were not giving enough water even after an hour, I was finding the soil dry the next day.  Amazing how you see plants perk up when they actually get water.

I continued to work on the meat chicken coup.  Got the door hinged and lockable, a window cut in and screened and an extra vent.  I have the remaining sheet of plywood in the bed of the truck so its easier to shovel the dirt off the truck.  After the loads this week I will put it on the coup.  I think i figured out how to do the roofing so it can lift.  i will flash the roof joint between the two osb sheets with valley flashing,  then shingle both sheets of OSB seperately.  I will then just put a couple latched between the one sheet and the wall with the door so I can then just lift the full sheet up about 2 or 3 feet, the hinges will be the valley flashing.  I will take a picture when its done and it will make more sense.

Continued on with the roofing of the main coup.  I will likely have to buy some more as I need to shingle the meat coup.  But that will have to wait a couple months.  Mamma hen is still sitting on the 9 eggs.  I tried candling them to see if they were growing and fertilized yesterday but I need to do it when its darker.  The shells on the Buffs eggs are darker and harder to see through.  I will try to do it again tonight when its darker if I remember.

25 Meat chickens should be here around the 18th, so i have one more weekend to get the coup closed up and prepped.  The roofing at this point doesnt matter as its not raining yet, but ill at least flash and paper it before October.  The eggs that the Mamma is sitting on right now should start hatch the weekend of the 22nd, course this will depend on the eggs being fertilized or not.  As I said previously, with them being from the new hens I am unsure if the rooster had gotten to them thoroughly enough or not.  Guess we will find out.