Got alot done this weekend, was a 3-day weekend so I would hope so.  No time off for the busy bodies.

The east and south east pastures had a couple heifers, a cow and a newborn steer on it.  We try to keep the expectant mothers close here to home so we can keep an eye on them when they pop.  As we have no water for irrigation purposes the land here is pretty dry.  With that fact there is little to no feed left on East and south east so we needed to get them moved.  We have two pieces that we lease that are irrigated, one is 17 acres and costs us money the other is also irrigated and is 5 acres and she’s just happy to have the grass ate.  We moved the cow and calf and one of the heifers here and the other heifer to the 17 acres.Nearly always takes longer than expected to move them because there is always something that needs to be done at the gaining property.

So this is how the cattle are presently split:
Appleby 12 Acres – 8
17 Acre – 5 cattle
5 Acre – 3 cattle

Two of the heifer are left that haven’t calved yet.  When they do that will put us at 18 head.  Most ranchers won’t count the calves as cattle, i do for numbers sake.  Feed wise they don’t count because they are still suckin on mama.

Next week we will be moving some more around as I have a yearling heifer that has to get her one year vacination.  We will be also moving one of the mama’s to a new location and leaving the calf so it can be weened.

Other things accomplished: