So for the most part I grew up gardening or dealing with animals of some sort.  We always had some animal around whether it be a sheep, cow, chickens or what not.  We never had more than one or a few but they were always around.  We also always had a large garden with plenty of vegetables.

Right now we have around 20 chickens and a few head of cattle.  My brother in law Brian and I run together and he has around 8 head.  So this is where we begin, wanna bees i guess working towards the real thing.

Whats the goal you ask.  Well honestly not sure,  we are mostly doing this so we have fresh veggies, home grown meats and eggs.  But if I where to think out further, I would probably say that I would eventually want to be able to sell the fresh eggs, fresh chicken, beef, pork and fruits and vegetables to friends and family.  I am not in this to get rich (ha like that would happen) but to be able to break even on things would be a nice perk.

  The image to the left is a layout of what I am proposing for the layout of the chickens, garden and pigs.  The existing chicken coup is make pretty much from scrap material and will need to be redone.  I kinda just through the existing stuff together on a whim.

Stage 1, 2 and 3 will be the first, this will be a three section garden that will hopefully be able to run year round.  As one seasonal vegetable ends the idea is to have the next close to ready.  While the previous section is being cleaned up and rototilled by the chickens and pig the next section is in harvest, the third section is in planting.

Stage 4 will be another garden section probably divided in two.

Orchard and Chicken Run will be stage 5.  Will likely be doing kiwis, oranges, cherries, peaches, nectarines.  I will also have Goji Berry Bushes  in this area as well.

Stage 6 is our septic leach field this will be a bit tricky to setup and only the chickens will be allowed in here.  Due the pigs destructive nature they would like destroy the leach lines.

Swine and chicken run I did not add a stage to because it will just be as we are able.  It will have to an actual building and the fencing will need to be secure to not sure at this point when we will start that project.

So here goes the adventure.  Lots of fun, hard work and hoping some good food and BBQ.