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When you use some Basil Fresh Cut, 1 oz, the possibilities are endless for creating flavorful meals the whole family will enjoy. It’s packed fresh in a resealable blister package, so you can use just what you need and save the rest for later. You can chop up some of the whole leaves for a delicious addition to a wide array of Italian-style dishes. It’s also an essential ingredient to make a classic margherita pizza or your very own homemade pesto. Mix it with a variety of your favorite spices to create custom seasonings and marinades for meats. You may even place this fresh basil herb in a simmering pasta sauce or chop it up and place it into spaghetti and casseroles.
  • Fragrant and robustly flavored, basil is the key ingredient in pesto. Its sweet blend of anise, clove and mint flavors is essential to many French, Southeast Asian, Italian and Greek dishes. Use basil with tomatoes, fresh spaghetti sauce and pizza. Snip raw basil into salads and stir fries.
  • Wait to add fresh herbs during the last few minutes of cooking for the most flavor.