So looks like we are finally out of the cold weather.  Had a couple inches of snow this last weekend, lasted a whole 2 hours on the ground.  Went from 80 degrees one day to 27 degrees and snow the next.  According to the farmers Almanac we have a 50/50 chance that we don’t get anymore freezes after the 13th of April.  So guess what that means.  I am going to plant this weekend.

So just in time for that planting I finished my first green house.  Well sort of, still have a

few things to do with it but I have the plants out of the basement and into the greenhouse.  I will be adding a few more windows and then a thermostat regulated exhaust fan at some point but for now its good enough.

I took some cuttings from an old peach (maybe nectarine) tree that has been unkempt for several years.  I will see if i can get some new ones to grow from those cuttings.  Along with those I have started some PawPaw trees.  PawPaw is a mango type fruit that is natural to the area here.  Hopefully those will take off and we may have some fruit trees around here.  That would be awesome.








Chicks come next week so we are really excited about that to.


Happy spring.