Beef For Sale

We now have another steer penned up and being fed out for beef for sale.  Carlo (yes i name every steer we butcher) will be ready for pickup around the middle of August.  He currently has half that is unreserved.

Price per pound (hanging weight determined at time of butchering) – $4.35
Final price is determined by hanging weight, all prices listed are rough estimates as every steer weight is different

1/2 Cow – $1522 – with a full half you can specify to the butcher how you would like your cuts.
1/4 Cow – $760
1/8 Cow – $380

After Carlo is butchered we will also be selling small packs that will include roasts, steaks and ground beef for those that wish to buy smaller portions.

A deposit is required if you wish to reserve your portion.  Portions are not reserved until your deposit is received.  Deposits are 50% of the above listed portion prices and will be deducted from the final weight price.

To reserve send an email to me at or give me a call at our print shop phone 530-870-4011